Apr 16, 2008

Moving in but getting it out!

Well we are all moved in and this is the 12th day in the new house. I am working on my schedule today for my Home Management Binder (for more details please visit here http://www.keepingthehome.com/). I am so excited to be working on this as my days go by so much smoother and I feel I have accomplished something for the day. Remember the purpose of my blog is to "Journey" through getting my household in order and managed. I want my family to be happy and I want to be at peace.

The first days have been spent "unpacking". What I mean by this is we still have tons of boxes to go through and as I'm going through them I'm thinking I have lived without this or that for 7 months I can continue to live without it. So as stuff is getting put away I am also reloading boxes and bins with stuff I can get rid of. My new motto is: **Simplify**! I have been freecycling a few items here and there but I do plan on having a yard sale. My goal for that is the first part of June before it gets too hot. Having a yard sale is hard work but rewarding. Before we moved we had a yard sale and sold TONS of stuff and made a $500 profit - Praise the Lord.

This helped us to hire our movers as my husband was out of town for 2 weeks prior to the move. I know it is cost effective to move yourself coming from a military family my parents in almost 36 years of marriage are about to make their 54 or 55th (as per my Momma) move. The military always paid for the move and gave them an allowance. They could choose to hire movers or move themselves. In my knowledge the only time I remember that they hired movers was when we moved to Germany (kinda hard to move yourself overseas). Anywhooo-I learned a lot from them but I have also learned that sometimes time is more precious than money and it saved alot of stress hiring someone else and I have NO regrets.

Ladies (and men) it is refreshing to purge! The great thing about this is you are clearing the clutter and making your life more simplified because you don't have the junk of clutter looming over your head. It is liberating to part with things that are just taking up space.

My challenge to you is to go through each of your rooms one at a time and purge. Start with your bedroom. Here are some ideas on how to get started:

  • YOUR CLOTHES-Do you have clothes that are outdated? What about clothes you can no longer wear? If you haven't worn it in 6 months or more (unless it is seasonal) don't you think you can part with it now?

  • KNICK-KNACKS-sitting around collecting dust? If some have sentimental value then only keep the ones that have a very special meaning. You don't have to keep every item someone ever gave to you in order to "save" their feelings. Chances are they forgot a year after giving it to you what they gave you. Plus it will save you have to dust them every week.

  • BED LINENS-Who really needs 5-10 sets of sheets? I don't know about you but I only change my sheets once a week. Sure it is nice to have a different look so if that is what you want then anything over 5 you can part with.

  • BLANKETS-when I unpacked my blankets I found so many blankets it was a little out of hand. It is nice to have 1-2 blankets per bed to keep you warm and toasty (and if you are like me maybe you are a little cold natured and need 3) but if after that you still have lots left over sitting in the closet taking up space then there is a better need for them. DONATE them. Find a church in your area that ministers to the homeless or needy. They sure could use it (our church has a ministry like this and is always needing donations).


I know even thinking about it can seem to be just not possible but it is! http://www.keepingthehome.com/ has a great series going on right now on the Home Management Binder where starting on April 8, 2008 Candy starts the HMB. Here is the break down:

  • Schedules-4/9

  • Menus-4/10

  • Cleaning-4/11

  • Homeschooling-4/12

  • Children-4/13

Well I hope you have gained insight. I know I have. Have you ever heard that phrase, "preaching to myself"? Well please remember that I am in no way an expert as I am learning as I go along. I just want to pass on to you what I'm learning so that you can journey with me.

Blessings to all!


Kristi said...

Very nice Michelle. You've done a great job.