May 9, 2008

Ever had one of those weeks?

I know, the saying usually goes, "Ever had one of those days" but I'm on my 5th day of things just not being on track. I am trying to get things organinzed and in order but I get a little overwhelmed at times. I usually try to not make excuses but I will make an exception for this week. So here goes in no particular order:

  1. I'm hormonal-No it isn't the monthly time. I sometimes forget and block out the symptoms of PCOS and Endometriosis (I will write more about my story involving these two diseases and my infertility).

  2. I have 3 small children-DD will be 4 next month, DD is 2 1/2, and DS is 16 months. They keep me EXTREMELY busy and they have been fussy and whiny this week (due to not feeling good - they got the cold bug also)

  3. I just moved into my house of which we just finished renovating a portion of the basement (of which looks beautiful) so I have had drywall dust, trash, etc. all over - not to mention all of the boxes that were stored in the basement this past month that still need to be unpacked.

  4. My Home Management Binder is not complete.

  5. I'm having trouble blogging every day

  6. Yesterday I had to go to my in-laws to help take care of the cat while they are away and realized that I locked my purse in the jeep Wed after church and my husband had to drive from work to come and get it out (thank goodness he was not too upset)

  7. I can't seem to get my laundry folded right away - I don't mind washing but folding and putting away is not my favorite task.

  8. I was getting overwhelmed with trying to find the right kind of cloth diaper.

  9. I have to order more herbs, minerals, and vitamins (and do the research to find the correct ones)

Well that's all I can blog about today. I have to order my cloth diapers from now. Will talk more about that in another post.

Blessings to All!