Jul 18, 2008

Got Ants? I got a solution!

My husband and I have been battling ants coming into our house for a few weeks now and it was about to drive us crazy. I would wake up to stomping these little bitty ants who really had no rhyme or reason when they came in. I would try and keep the floor swept (you have to with 3 little ones) so I didn't know if they were just on a daily reconissance or what. Anywhoo we tried different solutions to no avail. Here is some:

  • Borax - nothing -- they just laughed and stepped right over it

  • Tried those little ant bait houses -- this worked but took a week to do so and then they came right back about 2 weeks later.

So that is where we were about 2 weeks ago. Then we decided to try:

  • Terro (?) - sprinkled around the patio and the foundation -- this seemed to help with the carpenter ants but still the itty bitty ants still kept coming.

  • Then a few days ago we tried using an organic soap based insecticide that I got for the garden. This worked - we sprayed where they were coming in at and it lasted all day. Then by evening they started trickling in again. Arrgh!

Well yesterday I ran across a website/blog that had the solution! I immediately ran to my cubbard and got out my cinnamon, yes CINNAMON! I sprinkled it where they were coming in and I have not seen ONE ant in over 24 hours! Praise you Jesus!

Just think, all along I had this in my cabinet, it is organic (literally as that is all I had) it is safe for my children to be around and it SMELLS good!

Try it - I sure hope it works for you because, believe you me, I'm so glad that they are gone!


NOTE: Well this morning we had ants again. So we sprinkled more cinnamon and Voila! Gone again. So it seems that the cinnamon has to be "fresh" from the jar to repel them. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I may just sprinkle some "fresh" tonight so I don't wake up to the heeby jeebys. Oooh Aaaah Uuuugh!


Earthly Jane said...

I bought a basil plant at walmart and put it in front of the window where our ants are coming in {apparently something about the fragrance repels them} and I havnen't seen an ant since.
I bought it for $3.
try it. If it doesn't work. You'll have some yummy spaghetti!
Good luck.
I wonder if that "urban housewife legend" is true. That ants never cross a chalk line? I just thought of that. *shrugs
worth a shot?!

Kristi said...

Hey...just wondering how that ant problem is going?? I was just reading all the uses of white distilled vinegar and one of the many uses, is to stop ants. Maybe try spraying or pouring full strength where the annoying little critters are coming in. I'm definatley gonna try it.