Sep 22, 2008

Homeschool Freebies of the Week

This site has weekly FREEBIES that can be used for Homeschooling or for supplements to your children's education. Sign up for their email so that you can get the ones you want but remember it is only available for the day that is listed (sometimes also early morning next day but not always).

Resources I'm interested in this week: What to Do When Your Daughter Hates Being in the Kitchen AND Sew Modest Tips

  • Monday, Sept 22: Emergency Prep for YOUR Family
    Print this out. Read it. Make a plan with your family.
    Keep this handy "just in case".
  • Tuesday, Sept 23: What to Do When Your Daughter Hates Being
    in the Kitchen
    Excellent little ebook on motivating your young folk to do their share
    of the household work, and understand the reasons they are doing it.
    Gets at the attitudes & heart of the problem. Good stuff!
  • Wednesday, Sept 24: Sew Modest Tips
    A collection of very helpful sewing and modest dressmaking tips
    and ideas from the Ringger family.
  • Thursday, Sept 25: The Morals of Chess by Benjamin Franklin (MP3)
    Great audio recitation of Franklin's classic essay on how the game of
    chess teaches real-world lessons and develops strong character.
    You'll definitely be wanting to teach your kids to play chess after
    listening to this. Extra: Great beginners' Chess rules guide included!
  • Friday, Sept 26: Treasure Island: A Paratey Literature Seminar For Kids
    Wonderful 12 lesson unit study based on the famous Robert Louis
    Stevenson book, by Lydia Netzer. Perfect for kids who love
    pirates, adventure and fun!
Make a note of the ones you want, and be sure to stop by that day and get your copy!

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