Sep 29, 2008

This schedule was put together using Candy's The Home Management Binder: The Housewife's Best Friend

LAUNDRY: Hubby's and My clothes

LIGHT CLEAN: Kitchen Appliances (stovetop, microwave, dishwasher, fridge/freezer)

FOCUS CLEANING (this means pull everything out and clean/disinfect then replace everything):
WEEK 1: Upright Fridge/Freezer
WEEK 2: Chest Freezer
WEEK 3: Microwave
WEEK 4: Stove & Oven
(WEEK 5: Extra Yearly Focus)

PROJECTS (No more than 30 minutes so you don't get overwhelmed)
WEEK 1: Organize Pantry
WEEK 2: Organize Cabinet above desk (cookbooks, etc.)
WEEK 3: Organize Desk & Home Management Binder
WEEK 4: Organize Catch All Cabinet
(WEEK 5: Organize all other cabinets)

This is what I do for MONDAY only. If it doesn't get done (except laundry) then it will have to wait until next week. Having a schedule like this helps you in the long run so that you aren't spending a week of "Spring/Fall Cleaning" and when you are done with your To Do's for the day it gives more time for other things because you will feel at peace knowing that your house is not in shambles and it is getting cleaned and organized. Soon I will also post my Daily Schedule to include the blocks of time that we get things done here on the homefront, i.e. morning routines, afternoon routines, and evening routine.

Keep in mind this does not include the normal chores that you would have like making beds, cooking, washing dishes, etc.