Jan 22, 2009

Go Green!

I am not one of those kooky environmentalist but I do believe in trying to go green (and organic) as much as possible. This has been an endeavor of mine for a little while but I'm still learning everyday. I found today a list of 15 different things you should NEVER buy again if you want to make a start "going green". I have included my personal comments in green and provided the links to see the full articles from Green America (AKA Co-Op America)

10 things you should NEVER buy again - for the link click here
  1. Styrofoam (I'm pretty good about not buying this except when I go to Speedway, etc.)
  2. Paper towels (I am bad about buying these because I hate to use dirty dish towels/cloths but have been thinking of purchasing MORE dish towels to help eliminate the paper towel addiction I have)
  3. Bleached coffee filters (I just switched last week to these)
  4. Over packaged foods and other products (I will have to look further into this for ideas of products that over package)
  5. Teak and mahogany (we haven't bought anything using these woods but were considering purchasing our outdoor wood furniture in teak-I guess we will have to reconsider)
  6. Chemical pesticides and herbicides (I hate using anything chemical unless absolutely necessary and am trying to "retrain" my husband on the benefits of more naturally/healthier alternatives)
  7. Conventional Household cleaners (I have been making my own for some time now but just purchased some Dr. Bronner's products - Sal Suds All purpose cleaner 1 gallon and OrganicPure-Castille Soap Lavender 1 gallon)
  8. Higher octane gas than you need (I can't ever recall doing this)
  9. Toys made with PVC plastic (I have 3 children under age 5 and I am most assured that I have plenty of toys made with PVC plastic)
  10. Plastic Forks and spoons (this has been a problem especially at family gatherings but I'm one of those ones that wash and re-use the plastic ware ;-)

5 more things you should NEVER buy again - for the link click here

  1. Farm Raised Salmon (I like salmon so have probably done this not known to me-I guess I will have to start reading more labels)
  2. Rayon (never really looked at too many labels but then again I buy most of my clothes for my family second hand so I'm already going green by doing that)
  3. Beauty/Body care with phthalates and parabens (I hardly wear makeup but some of my bath items and other beauty items like lotions/perfumes may have this. I guess I'll have to use up what I have and start looking at labels. I did switch to Dr. Bronner's SunDogs Organic Lavender and Coconut lotion and Dr. Bronner's Organic Hair Creme Lavender and Coconut to use after washing my hair with the above mentioned OrganicPure-Castille Soap Lavender)
  4. Cling wrap (I haven't bought a roll in a couple of years but I am trying to use up a roll I've had in my pantry that long.)
  5. High VOC Paints and finishes (really not sure about this. We did recently paint our girl's shared room so don't know what kind we used. Will have to watch out in the future)


Dawn said...

Hubby and I haven't been bit with the 'green' bug yet, but the list you compiled is great.
Most on that list doesn't pertain to us thankfully. :-) But we can always better improve in all areas of our life. :-)

Rumor has it that most stores like Wal-Mart and such would like to do away with plastic bags completely. They will have them on hand but you will have to buy them.
I know many of the organic stores don't use plastic anymore, but they can get away with it.
Wal-Mart on the other hand? I don't know. I can smell a huge uproar from customers coming on...lol.

May you and your family have a safe and blessed weekend!

Dawn in TX

Karen said...

oh girl I love your new blog design! Thank you for the sweet post. Your words were very encouraging. (((hugs)))

God Bless my sweet online buddy,
KC <><

The Swann's said...

Thanks for such a list!!!! :-) It's so difficult getting into the groove of "going green" as it takes a bit more thought and planning ahead of time...

That's very interesting what Dawn said on the plastic bags and wal-mart... I'm so guilty of using the plastic but we keep ours and re-use them for other things all the time so they live a bit longer. haha! Oh, I know. We just need to switch completely to paper...

Anyways. Thanks for the the info you provide!

Chic Mama said...

Amen Sister! Great list!