Jun 30, 2009

My New To Do List

NEW LIST in no particular order:

  1. Work on home and church finances
  2. Work on Ladies Day of Renewal blog
  3. Check on kefir & buttermilk in brewing cabinet TODAY
  4. Make more yogurt
  5. Plan menu this week.
  6. Work on laundry - wash/dry/put away. This will also include going through kids clothes to get rid of too small clothes and inventory for this coming fall what will need to be purchased (I usually try to do this in the Spring but I'm a bit behind this year).
  7. Start reading book from Values Driven Family entitled, Values Driven Family :-). You can check out there books here. This family is awesome. I had the chance to meet them at CHEO and they are just like you and me. Down to earth but on Fire for God! I was also pleased to meet their 7th child, Jubilee who was born June 15. She is the littlest thing, no bigger than a minute! So be sure to order something from them as it will help support them in all they do and help them financially as they prepare to go to Kenya later this year. http://www.valuesdrivenfamily.com/ (oh yeah BTW-if you are looking to homestead and raise your children on beautiful acreage, they have a beautiful home for sale in Indiana 3,000 SF log home on 10 acres: 4 BR, 3 bath, with front and rear decks. Central air for $204, 900. In my opinion this is a GREAT price compared to some places in my area!
  8. Work on implementing 2 key things from their book-Scheduling and Budgeting
  9. Work on schedule for Fall - this will be for the day to include cleaning, school, and overall life.
  10. Go through school book, My Father's World Kindergarten to set up schedule of supplies
  11. Figure out how to implement their Child Training to include chores and allowances. We have purchased this bank, "My Giving Bank" and this book called "The Jingle In My Pocket" and will use them together to help our children understand the beginnings of how money works. It is all about Sharing It (Tithe), Saving It (for that special occasion), Spending It (to rewards yourself for your hard work).
  12. Determine how I will implement these 2 lapbooks, "Harvest Festival" and "Celebrating Passover" when it is the appropriate time of year.
  13. Research more lapbooking sites to get ideas for school and for my Sunday School class that I teach.
  14. Research lapbooking for Spring Kindergarten Co-op. I will be helping/co-teaching with a friend of mine about things underground (insects/tunnels/pipes/buildings/roots/etc.) I think it would be neat do a lapbook on this.
  15. Go through school room and get it organized
  16. Go through my JUNK room and get it organized and ready to sell stuff in yard sale
  17. Plan yard sale for non-hot day
  18. Start a homeschool blog for journaling our days (when I can) over at Homeschool Blogger

Well I have to get off this blog or I will be on here all day. As you can see above I have quite a list of activities/chores to complete and it will take me some time to get it all done.

Blessings to you all until next time!


Cindy said...

Hi Micki!
Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on our blog. We LOVED talking with you at CHEO. So I visited here to comment back and saw that you even wrote about us here. You're so sweet. :) Love your blog--I'll be back to visit.