Jun 5, 2009

Vitamins & Supplements For My Children

This picture can be purchased here

Thought I would just put up a quick post.

I used to use SuperKids but my children don't like the liquid so we switched to chewables.

We now use Nature's Plus Source of Life Animal Parade (Children's Chewable Multi-vitamin & Mineral Supplement with whole food concentrates)


Nature's Plus Source of Life Animal Parade KidGreenz (with broccoli, spinach, and other green foods)

Both are hypo-allergenic, vegetarian, and Gluten free

They seem to do quite well for my children and I like the price (I ordered another 3 months supply today via www.vitacost.com).

I also purchased today (from Vitacost.com) some Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil Strawberry -- 8 fl oz to go along with the vitamins especially since we will start homeschooling oldest daughter (kindergarten) this Fall. This will help with her attention/brain function/etc (and will also help soon to be 4 year old and 2 year old).

I also throw in a tsp every so often of concentrated Elderberry syrup to help their immune system if they are experiencing any signs of becoming sick. Today I purchased Nature's Plus Source of Life Animal Parade Immune Booster Chewables to go along with the Elderberry just in case I run out (I prefer the Elderberry but thought we would give this a go since it isn't liquid and try it out for a bit).

Well enough about us, what about your kids? What do you use?



Mae said...

HI, This is Mae the one that aksed about vitmens. I wanted to say thank you for reply to me and giving me info on vitatmens. I will be checking it out and I sure ordering some soon. Wanted also to say I love your blog! It is cute!!
Thanks again, Mae

Dawn said...

It's funny - I have my children on exactly the same ones! The only difference is I've currently got mine on probiotics and B12 tablets that dissolve under the tongue. They also help with immunity.