Feb 19, 2010

Ran Errands Today

Written Yesterday, Thursday PM:

WOW!  I woke up with a fantastically horrible headache that I didn't even know was there until I sat up in bed, weird I do say.  It hurt to move my head especially bending over.  So I got a shower and washed my hair and took some pain reliever and got dressed.  Then got my girls dressed and headed out the door (my parents who are staying with us watched my little man).  My day went something like this:
  • Left at 8:30 to Beavercreek to drop off my husbands shoes he forgot (he wore his boots to work because of the snow but changes in his office into other shoes)
  • Ran by Burger King (I know bad fast food) and got me a cup of coffee (I hadn't had any yet) and also some mini cinnamon rolls and hashbrowns and a special treat of Sprite for the girls.  I also "treated" myself to the cinnamon rolls as well (they weren't really that good but my girls liked them!)
  • My gas light started flashing and the ding ding ding of its alarm came on so had to go get gas (this is something hubby usually does)
  • Headed to a meeting that started at 10 am at Wittenberg College for Catholic Social Services Second Harvest Food Pantry mandatory meeting for all soup kitchens and food pantries.  This lasted until 11:30 and my girls were SUPER GOOD!  I brought them their Polly Pockets and gave them their Burger King and the also colored.
  • Then headed to the bank to get some cash so I could go to Aldi's for some groceries and softner salt.
  • Then over to Walmart to get the remainder of groceries and a few birthday gifts (one from each child) for a dear friend of ours little girl who just turned 5 (she and my girls are "bestest friends" as they say)
  • Then went the main library in the middle of town to pick up books for co-op on Monday that deals with things underground (good selection I picked up).
  • Packed everyone up and headed home.
  • Then we unloaded the van of all the groceries.  Thank goodness for my parents because at this point (actually at the library) my headache started to come back and I felt pretty horrible.  My mom suggested I lie down for a bit to get the headache under control (took more pain relievers).  I never lie down but she offered to watch the kids and I took her up on the offer.  I thought I would just lie there for a few minutes until the pain reliever took hold but I ended up falling asleep for 45 minutes (4:15-5:02).  I felt much better but still with the headache there but the sleep helped.
So now I'm home and my parents are taking care of dinner.  We were going to have Smorgasboard tonight but my mom was in the mood for Saurkraut, Polish Sausage, and mashed potatoes and who was I to argue?  I LOVE this meal and it is made with homemade canned this summer saurkraut and they are making the dinner.  So I'm on here checking Facebook and emails and blogging.  I can NOT do one task at a time.  I do not claim this but people say this is what ADD/ADHD people do.  This is normal to me and this is what I do, LOL.  Well I didn't know what else to blog about so there you have it.  My day in a nutshell.  Hope you have a fabulous day (when you read this).  I love comments so leave me one, would ya?



Debra said...

Hope your headache is better by now! It must be great to have your parents around, my dad is gone and mom lives 12 hours away!! Everyday I wish she was near to me, but God knows all I need!