Mar 2, 2010

I want a new phone, HELP!

Okay my dear friends I'm calling on you for help.  I have decided that it would be nice to have a new phone but it has been awhile since I got one.  Currently I have a Blackberry 7100g (old model - see pic) that is a bit difficult to navigate.  

I'm involved in church actively as Secretary to the Pastor, Treasurer of the Church, a Sunday School teacher, on the Ladies Day of Renewal Conference committee, I head up our Titus 2 Women's Homemaking Ministry and I'm also involved in other things around church - website/Facebook/VBS/etc.  I also work for my Pastor for another Christian organization, I'm a homeschooling mom of 3 little ones and we are active in a homeschool co-op and next Fall will be involved in a second one.  I'm also a full time Keeper of the Home so I need to keep track of things like maintenance, groceries, etc. 

I have had 3 different phones recommended to me on Facebook already but want to know if there are others out there and maybe you might have a suggestion why you like it.  Here are the suggestions so far:
  • iPhone
  • Palm Pre
  • Droid
  • HTC Hero
Now if you have an opinion of any of the above mentioned please feel free to share.  I would really like to get others thoughts on all kinds of phones for planning (I just don't want a simple flip phone - I need something with some meat to it, but not so much that it will go to waste, LOL).



Kristi said...

Hey Michelle, don't know if this is too late or not, but I had the Palm Centro, and didn't like it at all. It locked up on me quite abit, and didn't know these models did this until I went to turn it in, and the lady at Verizon told me that Palm's are Windows based and that is one problem they have with them. I don't know if the problem has been resolved or if that would be an ongoing problem with all Palms. Just thought I'd let ya know.