Mar 2, 2010

MENU PLAN Monday ;-)

Okay so I'm a couple of days late.  Been busy.  So without further ado:

MONDAY:  BBQ Pulled pork, Cheesy Broccoli Rice, Carrots and German Red cabbage

TUESDAY:  Beef & Sausage Enchildas with all the fixins and Spanish Rice

WEDNESDAY:  Beef Strganoff and a veggie (Disclaimer:  I have a box of Hamburger Helper that I will be using which I DO NOT normally use but I have it so I'm gonna use it, LOL)

THURSDAY:  Smorgasboard

FRIDAY:  Family Fun Night (pizza or take-out)

SATURDAY:  Soup and Sandwiches

SUNDAY:  Either a crock-pot meal or eat out - I hope eat out but it is up to Hubby :-)