Jul 23, 2010

Homeschooling 2010-11

Well I'm planning out our school year and thought I would just copy and paste and put it here for all to see.  If you have your breakdown of what you will be doing this year please comment and give a link for us to see.  If you have any schedules please email me at heavenboundmama @ woh . rr . com (for obvious reasons leave out the spaces).


SCIENCE: Five In A Row

MATH: Five In A Row/Math-U-See

ART: Five In A Row

MUSIC: Piano Lessons



HISTORY: Five In A Row

PHONICS: Various Workbooks, McGuffey Readers (downloaded FREE from Google), Abeka Readers, Jumpstart Comp. Software & Starfall

HANDWRITING: Handwriting Without Tears

CHARACTER TRAINING/VALUES FOR CHILDREN: Bible Devotionals and Kids Bible Story Books, Values Driven Discipleship by Values Driven Family, Five In A Row Bible-Study Supplement

In addition to the above schedule at home we will also be involved with 2 co-ops this year, starting in Sept thru Thanksgiving then starting again Feb thru end of April which will be on Monday's and our other co-op will be starting in Sept going thru May and it will be every other Friday give or take. We also plan to attend several field trips this year along with being a part of Keepers At Home Club.

Right now I have big plans and have to start somewhere but we will most likely be scaling it down once we get into a routine.

Speaking of routine, would anyone have any Household/Homeschooling schedules of their own they would be willing to share or help me find a link to? I am in the process of putting together mine but I'm new at this so I would love to see what other moms do over the course of their day to include school and household chore time (if you have any visual chore time reminders for kids that would be awesome too!).