Aug 22, 2010

A Modest Ladies Survey

I saw this at Candy's site, Keeping The Home I would love to see your responses to these questions as well.  If you have a blog then post it and send me the link so I can read them (and others can too).  I'll put in my answers to the below questions, so make sure to comment and leave your URL (or answer right here on the comments) so we can read your answers.

Do you wear makeup? Yes.  I wear just a bit on occasion.  I wear brown eyeliner, black mascara and a bit of neutral eyeshadow (browns or purples - not like royal blue purple but subtle).  I like to do this for my hubby as well as a pick-me-up to myself.  I also wear tinted lip glosses.  Once a year I get all dolled up to go to my Hubby's company End of the Year Party and then I wear my hear real fancy with a bit more make-up with a new (or new from thrift-store) skirt and blouse and of course got to have some beautiful stylish high heels.

Do you wear a head covering? I cover sometimes as my Hubby is not quite convinced of the head covering as he believes my waist length hair is my covering.

Do you wear dresses? No - I only wear below the knee skirts (unless swimming - see below) and nice t-shirts or blouses.  I'm small up top and have curvy hips so dresses have never been very flattering to my figure and I do like to look nice for my Hubby.  At bed I wear nightgowns or pajama pants to bed.  I'm not a real athlectic type of person but if I had to do something strenuously sporty then I would most likely wear coulottes or *gasp* pants that weren't too revealing on my backside :-)  Otherwise when I play volleyball or softball I wear my skirts just like anyone else in my church (which is wear we play these sports).

Do you wear a modesty vest over your dresses or a cape dress?  No. 

Do you wear stockings or knee socks for added modesty? Only in the wintertime but not for modesty issues.  I do it to keep warm when it is blizzard-like conditions outside.  My skirts are always below knee length but it gets downright cold and nippy under the skirt in those conditions. 

Do you wear open toed shoes? Absolutely!  I am a flip-flog gal in the warm spring and hot summertime.  In the fall and winter I wear socks/tights and usually leggings outside with usually my slip on open back shoes (I don't usually wear shoes that are all enclosed as I like my feet to feel free but I have found some cute shoes/boots that are all enclosed and I do wear them when the occasion arises.)

Do you sleep in your head covering? No

Do you wear modest swimwear?  I definitley wear a modest "bathing suit".  I actually found a shirt and a skirt that is like swimwear and I wear it over my one piece bathing suit when I go to a public pool or a friends house.  Years ago I tried wearing a one piece and it just felt too revealing to me even though it was not low-cut.  With my legs all exposed I just felt really uncomfortable.  I do not harbor any ill feelings to any other person who wears anything different than what I mentioned.  I just want to feel comfortable.
Jewelry?  I have worn the same earrings for several years and have only taken them out for my Hubby's end of the year party where I wore a dressier type of earring.  I also only wear my engagement ring and wedding band and usually on the middle finger of my other hand I wear a ring that either my Hubby gave me or a family member has.  As for necklaces I used to wear a small heart diamond and ruby pendant that my hubby gave me but the necklace broke and I haven't replaced it.  When I did wear it I usually wore it under my clothing close to my heart so as to not draw attention to myself and be "flashy".
Do you have a TV? Yes.  My hubby is a TV person and he wouldn't know what to do without it :-)  He is a very handy person and loves his family but that is his way to unwind and I wouldn't take that away from him.  We love to watch shows that are wholesome and good for the family and have our Family Fun Night just about every Friday night where we order pizza or take-out and watch a movie or play Wii.

Do you have worldly magazines and books in your home?  Not usually unless I signed up for a free magazine and got something I wasn't expecting (this has happened a couple of times but they end up in the trash can).  As for books the answer would be no with the exception of some Adoption books that weren't written by Christians.

Do your children have worldly toys and interests?  We try to be selective in what we buy for our children but sometimes toys come in from family/friends that are not something we would normally buy but if it is not within our standards we put it on the shelf almost immediately to be dealt with later (we do this after the gift-giver has left).  For the most part my children have toys that would not be considered offensive to anyone else and other families would be quite comfortable coming over and having their children play. 
You've seen my answers so now I want to see yours.  I am very interested in this survey - please leave a link to your site so I can look at your blog and of course read your answers :-)


Candra Georgi said...

i enjoyed this post. i found you looking for proverbs 31.

Candra Georgi said...

i didn't see that you lived in the dayton, oh area. how neat! how God! of all the world, i commented on your site today and you live here! we are in beavercreek for 4 months on business. we should get our kids together!

Josh said...

Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

Jane said...

I just found your blog and have been enjoying myself looking around. I did the survey. My answers are here.

Have a blessed day!

Sarah said...

Hey, it's me. I just filled out the survey on my blog here:


P.S. Candra - she found me through my blog and we found out we lived very close as well. God does a wonderful way of doing things.