Jul 17, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

Here are pics of the children last week at the pool (Monday or Tuesday).  My children have never really been around a pool except here and there and have never had swimming lessons.  I seriously contemplated swimming lessons this Summer (possibly Winter) and was actually thinking that they might be really scared.  I can tell you now that I definitely do NOT think that anymore.  My children ABSOLUTELY LOVE the water.  My son was very hesitant and now, well I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Enjoy!

Here is the pool from the stairs.
 Posing by the pool.
All you need is LOVE to overcome your fears!
 My son who was VERY hesitant now has NO fear!

 He LOVES to "dive" in which usually ends up with a belly flop due to his floaty.  He doesn't even plug is nose (the girls still do)!

 Makahla loves to do the running jumps and cannon balls.

   Amyah also loves to jump but she is still a bit hesitant for the cannon balls. The pic is a bit dark as it should actually go towards the end of the pics because it was getting later in the day. We have been going either around 10/11 am or around 6:30/7 pm when the pool is shaded more and less hot. The heat advisory is definitely in effect here with 100+ temps (on Thurs or was it Friday it registered 106 on my van temp gauge).

A pic of me sitting in the shade but still enjoying the sun! 

I love being able to sit by the poolside as I found a very modest swimsuit and I wear a pair of men's swim shorts that go down to my knees.  I feel very comfortable and believe that I'm still holding true to my values and convictions of being modest in attire!  I thank Jesus for helping to locate this clothing so that I can feel comfortable by the poolside!  This day was a very enjoyable day!