Jul 17, 2011

Our hotel, Homewood Suites - Hilton (Plano, TX)

Note:   pics of the hotel are courtesy of the hotel website with a few of mine thrown in (you'll know which ones because they were taken with my iPod *smile*)
Here is the link to our hotel in Plano, TX where we are having our working vacation - Hubby is working and we are working hard at not working :-)

My husband's company has put him (us) in a VERY nice Hotel! We have a one bedroom suite that has a living room with a pull out bed.  This is a pic of the living area of the suite.  Our suite looks like this but reversed.  Our TV is actually a large flat screen and they supply a DVD player so that you can get movies locally (Redbox.com is awesome!)

 Here is a pic of the outside of the lobby where the fountain is.  It is a beautiful fountain.

Here is a view of the bedroom from the living area.
 A pic of our bedroom with the king sized bed and ostrich-like leather headboard (I think it is faux but still pretty!) 

 This a sculpture which is right outside of our window.  Our windows are to the right of that window directly behind the sculpture (the corner window).
 A pic of the vanity which is inside of the bedroom.  The bath area is directly opposite of the vanity but I don't think anyone really wants to see a pic of a toilet - I mean you've seen one you've seen them all right?
 A pick of the hotel lobby near the front desk.
 A pic of the pation right outside the dining area that is shaded and overlooks the pool.
 A pic of the beautiful spa (at the bottom of the pic) and the pool - more pics of the kids and us enjoying the pool coming soon.
 Here is where we get our breakfast 7 days a week and our dinner 4 days of week (yes, they supply dinner - awesome, huh?!) 
This is a pic of a dining area very similar to ours - ours actually have light blue designer chairs but everything else is pretty much the same.  It is a beautiful dining area.
 Here is KayKay exhausted laying on the pull out couch in the living area of the suite.  It was a long day of driving and we arrived the evening of Saturday, July 9th.
 Here is my desk area of which I'm typing this post up right now.  There is my coupon folder that I take with me to the store (I have WAY more coupons that I brought but I don't bring them all - just what I need so that I stick to my list as closely as possible - that is how you save better.)
 Amyah "claimed" the chair as her sleeping area but unfortunately for her it doesn't fold out to a bed (that is an ottoman on its side trying to extend the chair out to be a "bed" for her.  Nice try but it only lasted for one night.
This is our kitchen area.  That is another fantastic thing I like about this hotel.  We have a FULL size fridge which as come in quite handy!  It has a flat top stove top (no oven), a microwave, a dishwasher, a sink and of course real glass glasses and real plates & bowls and silverware.  It is great for making meals so we don't have to eat out all the time.

I must say that I absolutely LOVE this hotel and I'm so glad we are with my Hubby on his trip!  In light of all that has happened to us these past few weeks with the loss of my Dad-In-Law I'm glad I can be here with my Hubby while he is grieving but sad to not be at home with my Mom-In-Law while she is grieving.

Well I'll post more pics soon of the fun in the pool and next Saturday we plan to visit the newly opened Sea Life in Grapevine, Texas and LegoLand right next door!  More on that ...