Aug 1, 2011

Menu Plan Monthly

Well I have decided that after taking a 3 week sabbatical just sitting by the pool that it has given me the umph to get back in gear!  I am in the process, with my husband's help, coming up with TONS of Dinner Meals that are the basic, down to earth, no Bobby Flay or Rachel Ray stuff (even though theirs is excellent!).  I have listed my meals by these categories:
Beef or Venison
Pork or Fish
Soups, Salads, Sides and Such

I'll post these soon.

I am going to try and make up menus for 2 weeks at a time and then maybe move it up to 1 month in advance.  I was inspired by all the ladies out there who blog about menu planning (and I have been trying to motivate myself to actually do it!).  I also got inspiration from the hotel we stayed at.  They had their monthly dinner menu posted on all the refridgerator doors.

Tonight we had
Pork Enchilada topped with sour cream and black olives
Homemade Fresh From the Garden Salsa
Sauteed Fresh From the Garden Onion and Squash