Apr 25, 2008

Angel Food Ministries and Menu Planning

Have you ever heard about Angel Food Ministries? I learned about this wonderful ministry about 2-3 years ago. The closest distribution center to me was about an hour away so was not very convenient for me to participate. Over time I forgot about them until I found out a couple of months ago that they have come locally for me. I am seriously considering participating but have not made that decision as of yet. Because this is for anyone REGARDLESS of your income - but especially beneficial to those on a budget or fixed income it may be very helpful to you or someone you know. You can find out what states and cities that distribute the food here: http://www.angelfoodministries.com/.

DISCLAIMER: I am usually one to promote or encourage as much healthy eating as possible but there are some items in the menu that may/may not be healthy.

If you familiar with them (or not) and would like to go directly to their May Menu please visit:

http://www.angelfoodministries.com/menu.asp then click on May and the state you are located in.

This morning I am excited to say that I ran across on Hillbilly Housewife's web page a menu plan for 4 weeks using Angel Food Ministries food and supplementing with others. To see the sample menu plan she had for January, February and March's AFM menu please go here:

Hope this helps!