Apr 25, 2008

Busy Bee

Well today I have been BUSY! Here is a list of things I've done today:

  • Went outside with kids early this morn (around 8 or so as it got up to high 70's today)

  • Read Candy's posts from yesterday and today

  • Checked email

  • Posted a few articles on the blog today (Angel Food Ministries and Menu Planning, Homemade Cleaning Solutions-LEMONS, Homemade Cleaning Solutions-VINEGAR, Medicinal Uses-Apple Cider Vinegar, Homemade Cleaning Solutions-BAKING SODA, and this one)

  • Cleaned out my new vacuum cleaner (hubby used it last night like a shop vac which it was not designed for-so I had tons of drywall dust and debris to clean out of it ;)

  • Washed a couple of loads of laundry (but still have yet to fold and put away-this is not my most favorite chore for some reason but I plan on trying Candy's suggestions per her E-Book)

  • Made lunch and put 2 youngest down for nap

  • Watched cartoons with oldest and blogged

  • Swept and mopped 2 bathroom floors (mud room will have to wait)

  • Baked homemade oatmeal raisin cookies (will upload recipe and pictures soon)

  • Baked 2 loaves of whole wheat bread (will upload recipe and pictures soon)

  • Freecycled away my pedestal bathroom sink even before my husband has uninstalled it :)

  • Made dinner consisting of leftover meat (turkey meatloaf, BBQ chicken, baked pork chops) with steamed green beans and canned seasoned mustard greens

Still to do (but we'll have to see on how much energy I still have):

  • Plan on sweeping and mopping hard wood floors in kitchen and dining area

  • Vacuum the Formal living room-AKA Front Room, hallway, and 3 bedrooms

I'm sure there is more that I did but am just too tired to be able to think straight. I can't wait to take a shower and crawl between my first set of 250 count sheets (can't afford anything higher) on my new pillowtop mattress and read my Bible and study a little bit.)

Until later-have a blessed evening (day)!