May 13, 2008

Homeschool Helps V

I decided to go ahead and post the links that she sends to me via the digest from the yahoo group WhereCanIFindIt. Please keep in mind some are homeschool links and some are just some other neat sites. DISCLAIMER: I personally have not viewed these links so if you come across one that is objectionable to being a Christian PLEASE leave me a comment and I will REMOVE it from my list. Blessings to all!


THE TOYMAKER These crafts will keep the kids from the youngest to the oldest happy and content while they craft away all day


Free books and you can find craft books that will also educate your children. Books on the civil war with crafts in them. Just go to Childrens Educational and you will find a book on Leonardo Davinci with crafts, Ancient Egypt projects, Great Colonial American Projects, Pioneer projects and WWII and many more. Simply go to Granted you might not want to download the gruesome facts book but there are others you can download for your children to enjoy. You can download 3 books a day and hold several hundered in your queue for downloading each successive day