May 11, 2008

Homeschooling Helps IV

Well I think I started something good. I posted on a yahoo group that I am a member of, that I was in need of Kindergarten resources and so Jackie Schlageter, The lady named "Jew for Jesus" responded to me and said she would look through the book, "Homeschool Your Child For Free"and start sending me links. I told her I really appreciated it and then I guess she found out that others had the same need and she received so many requests for the homeschooling links that her email provider will not let here send the links to all her emails all at the same time. So to save time on her part and to be able to help others she has started a new Yahoo group which provides links to all those desiring more help. She also has her own site here that has lots of links on it as well and they are already categorized. She has already done the research and searched the search engines and found good sites.

If you would like more links for Homeschooling please consider checking out her site or consider joining the yahoo group. The yahoo group is absolutely free. All you need is a yahoo email address which is free to join (and you can even have your group emails sent to another email address of your choosing that is NOT a yahoo address). For more info please visit: