Jun 13, 2008

Cloth Diapering (update)

Well I finally made it to Walmart and started using them this past Monday. I love using these but the only problem I'm finding is having to wash them EVERY night. I was hoping to wash every other or every 3 nights but with having only 15 diapers and 2 little ones using them we are using about 13 a day (2 are for each of them when they go to bed).

Anywhoo-I'm finding that with my 18 mo old he is wetting through even though he has extra layers of liners. There is a built in liner on top of the already absorbent diaper, then I 2 extra folded up liners that I place right over his private and he still leaks through. I will have to keep "experimenting" until I get it right.

I do need to order more diapers though and have been scouring Ebay but even with shipping it seems like the price of the diapers are more expensive than just buying off of walmart.com again. I'm not sure what to do but really need to get more diapers soon. Washing them every night (even with an HE washing machine) and drying them on low for 75 minutes (these are very thick so take a long time to dry) is not very economical and that is what I'm trying to do, save money.

Well off to check out more diapers while DD4 is playing Littlest Pet Shop, and DD2 & DS1 are playing with Lauri Manipulatives Toddler Tote and Lauri Manipulatives Large Pegboard with Tall Stacker Pegs and DD4 is playing with See & Spell by Tree Toy (the older version-I can't find a picture of it to link to).

Blessings to All!