Jun 27, 2008


Well over the past almost 3 months I have been getting a little together here and a little together there and it is all SLOWLY coming into place. I say slowly because like anyone else I want it to be done now. Well I am realistic and know that disorderliness doesn't happen overnight so it won't take overnight to fix the problem.

Through my journey I am finding wonderful websites that are giving me such wonderful advice, insights, and wisdom. One thing I keep coming back to is SCHEDULING. I know we need one and sometimes desperately when my children get a little out of control. I know deep down their misbehavior and meltdowns are due to not knowing what comes next. Right now we have a very basic routine. Here it goes:

6-630 I wake up get dressed, make coffee and start cleaning up kitchen if I did not do it the night before and start breakfast

7 Kids wake up (except my middle daughter who is not a "morning" person) and Hubby helps change diapers loves on them until about 7:10

710/15 Breakfast for hubby and sometimes kids (here lately they are just not in the "mood" to eat this early)

During this time I piddle around the kitchen tidying up and getting Hubby's lunch ready

730 Kiss Hubby/Daddy goodbye and then kids usually are ready for breakfast

800 get kids dressed for day - kids then have freetime and I start work on a little bit of chores and check emails, etc.

Sometime between 8 and 11 we head outside and/or downstairs in the basement playroom and I either work on a little bit of chores (laundry, floors, etc) or work on the computer

1045/11 I usually start lunch

11/1130 kids eat lunch

1130/1230 my 2 youngest go down for a nap for about 2 hours

1130/1230 I have a little bit of school time/playtime/reading time with oldest and/or work on computer

200 Wake up kids potty breaks/change diapers prepare drink cups (sometimes snack time)

230 Outside or downstairs play

300/330 Kids have inside play/TV and I work on chores and/or computer a little more

400 start preparing dinner and kids get restless so oldest daughter usually will have computer time (learning games) and other 2 play

530/600 Dinner and cleanup

700 put son down for bed

800/30 get daughter's ready for bed

900 daughter's bedtime and I make snack for Hubby and I

930 Watch TV with Hubby

1030 Bedtime for Hubby and I

Now this may seem like it is pretty jam packed with stuff to do but most of the inbetween stuff should be filled with more activities such as detailed chores for me and training my children along with detailed school time and table activities and reading time. We will be starting school this fall (probably sometime in August). So in preparation of this I will be posting in the weeks to come a more detailed schedule. This will be a reminder for me of what I need to do and when it needs to be done as I am one that needs a reminder to do things.

So Stay Tuned!



Karen said...

hey girl... thanks for all the great comments. I am in the midst of adjusting my schedule right now. Details to follow soon on my blog. ;) I have so enjoyed reading your blog and I hope read more soon. Have a great weekend!