Jun 5, 2008

"tag, you're it!"

There is a cute blogging tag thingy going around. :-) Below are my answers to the questions in that tag. If you have a blog, post these questions and your answers on your blog... :-)

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

1998-I had been married for 1 year, I was working in customer service at Rittal Corporation, living in our first home. Had not thought about having children but were not preventing the fact. Met dearest and best friend at Rittal.

2. What are 5 things on your to-do list for today?
a) Work on computer for a bit this morn
b) Play outside with the water hose with kids while my friend took candid photos of them (for surprise Father's Day gift for Daddy)
c) Sort through yard sale stuff for sale on Saturday
d) Help best friend sort through all baby stuff I have left for her new baby due end of July
f) Cook dinner and sort some more through sale stuff after putting DS down for bed.

3. What are 3 of your favorite snacks?
a) Popcorn
b) Walnuts
c) Rice pudding (I don't get this too often)

4. What would you do if you were a billionaire?
a) tithe off of it plus give a whole bunch more to go towards offering, missions, children, women's, etc.
b) Pay off all bills and upgrade a few things
c) Pay off my parents and parent-in-law's bills and help upgrade them
d) My parents live out in OK so I would fly them here as often as possible and give my Dad extra money to help cover the lost income for days he would take off
e) Fly my brother and family here (they live in OK also) for a vacation
f) Send extra money to Shaohannah's Hope
g) take an awesome vacation

5. What states have you lived in?
Oh my heavens, I am an Air Force kid so have been everywhere but have actually lived in the following in order: I was born in VA but lived there all of 3 months (I think), NM, I 've lived in LA most of my life off an on at most of the major Air Force bases, this isn't a state but I also lived in Germany for 4 years (my Dad was stationed at Hahn AB which is closed now), then TX then ND then MS then to LA for college then moved here to OH (and plan on staying here unless the Lord leads elsewhere).

Placed I've visited: CA, MT, OK, IL, AL, GA, FL, NC, SC, KY, and recently MD.