Jul 22, 2008

Chores/Service Opportunities by Age

I recently have received from a lovely lady her excel spreadsheet for scheduling. She uses the MOTH system of which I love. I am now trying to get my own typed up (using hers as a template) and be ready for the Fall (technically the end of August) when we will begin school officially.

You may be like me with wanting a little more help around the house and what to have your children do to help. So I have done some research and have found this posted on one of my yahoo groups (FlyingMOTHs - they use a little of Flylady's and MOTH's combined). It is a list of age appropriate chores/Service Opportunities (I'm partial to calling it this). It is helping me and thought it might help you. I will list the ages of my children but if you are interested in another age please leave me a comment and I will post again with the appropriate age.

9 - 24 months
a.. Putting dirty clothes in hamper.
b.. "Helping" with grocery shopping (putting items in basket and on
check-out counter, handing things to mom to be put away at home.)
c.. Cleaning with mom (give child a dust rag, child size broom, empty
spray can/windex bottle for "pretend" cleaning).
d.. Watering plants (with pre-measured amounts!).
e.. Beginning to help make beds - (begins with handing the pillows to mom
until later).
f.. Yard work (helping collect trash and toys, etc.).
g.. Simple errands ("bring the diaper to mommy, please," etc.).

2 - 3 years
a.. As language develops, requiring politeness on a regular basis ("Yes
ma'am", "No sir", "May I please be excused", greeting, etc.).
b.. Generally including child in every-day activities on a regular basis
(cleaning, shopping, etc.).
c.. More complicated errands ("Take this towel and put it in the hamper",
d.. Laundry (beginning to help with sorting by mom handing him things to
put in appropriate piles, transferring clothes from dryer to basket, etc.).
e.. Learning more specific neatness qualities (putting toys in proper
f.. Taking his dishes to the sink and helping to clear table.
g.. Carrying groceries in from car (give child one light item or a small
h.. General errands (carrying diaper bag into meeting, carrying mom's
purse to the car, etc.).
i.. Simple decision-making ("Would you like juice or milk to drink?").
j.. Put books and magazines in a rack.
k.. Place napkins, plates, and silverware on the table.
l.. Clean up what they drop after eating.
m.. Toilet training.

3 -4 years
a.. Making bed (begins with watching mom -- mom helping child -- mom
watching child) standards must be clear and reminders frequent.
b.. Keeping room neat and taking daily responsibility for it.
c.. Regular morning routine becoming established (getting dressed,
cleaning room before breakfast).
d.. More complex decision-making ("Would you like to wear the blue or
green pants?").
e.. Becoming "other-oriented" (drawing pictures for someone, making
encouragement notes to dictate to mom, thank you notes for birthday gifts).
f.. Learning to use the telephone properly.
g.. Established and regular responsibilities (bedroom, getting the mail,
emptying bathroom trash cans, etc.).
h.. Helping wash the car.
i.. Simple hygiene - brush teeth, wash and dry hands and face, and brush
j.. Undress self - dress with some help.
k.. Carry boxed or canned goods from the grocery sacks to the proper

4 - 5 years
a.. Taking his laundry to designated place on laundry day.
b.. Sorting laundry with supervision.
c.. Begin learning to fold laundry and put it away.
d.. Hang socks, handkerchiefs, and washcloths on a low line.
e.. Vacuuming/sweeping.
f.. Cleaning table after meals.
g.. Helping with meal preparations (learning to measure, stir and use
small appliances).
h.. Spread butter on sandwiches.
i.. Prepare cold cereal.
j.. Help mother prepare plates of food for the family dinner.
k.. Make a simple dessert (add topping to cupcakes, pour the toppings on
ice cream).
l.. Hold the hand mixer to whip potatoes or mix up a cake.
m.. Setting the table.
n.. Taking out the trash.
o.. Helping make decisions about meal choices, outings, time with friends,
p.. Carrying groceries in from the car and putting them away.
q.. Help with grocery shopping and compiling a grocery list.
r.. Polish shoes and clean up afterwards.
s.. Follow a schedule for feeding pets.
t.. Help do the dishes or fill the dishwasher.
u.. Dust the furniture.
v.. Share toys with friends (practice courtesy).
w.. Tell parent his whereabouts before going out to play.
x.. Play without constant adult supervision and attention.
y.. Polish silver.
z.. Polish car.
aa.. Sharpen pencils.


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