Jul 2, 2008

Created To Be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl

This is a book that I do not have but would love to have. If you would like more info about the book you can visit here. Right now on the MakingTheHome yahoo group they are starting a discussion chapter by chapter and the first chapter has good insights. Since I am not reading this book I will be looking at the posts and gaining insights from them. As I see fit I will post my thoughts on things I can glean from their discussion. If you would like to join this group you can go http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MakingTheHome/

Here is the first thing that stood out to me and thought it food for thought:

1) pg 22 Do you wake up each morning ready to make your husband happy and blessed to serve him to the best of my ability - to be his helper?

2) pg 25 Time to consider in making it habit to think of ways you can help your hubby ...

suggestion: Ask hubby 10 things he would like from me and see if it is what I was thinking I should be doing.

I will be reflecting on these things and pursuing them as I want to be a better helpmeet to my husband.

More tidbits to come and ponder.