Jul 1, 2008

We started the South Beach Diet again today (Monday) so no menu plan this week (as it isn't as simple as listing it). It is technically NOT a diet for us. It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE for eating. For the first 2 weeks (Phase I) it will be a little hard because you have to follow their guidelines pretty closely in order to get your inuslin levels back to the way God intended them to be but you can fill up (using wisdom) on the items they alow you. It is hard but most definitely NOT impossible. I have included a link to the "Cheat Sheet" of foods which also gives more info about the South Beach Diet.

Reasons for doing this:

ME-I went on this diet almost 2 years ago and as of Dec 2007 I was down to about 135 lbs (down form 174 - I lost 39 lbs). Since Dec I have gained back around 10 or so lbs (I currently do not have a scale). My plan this time around is to help treat my PCOS.

For more info on treating PCOS with diet please click here

For more info about PCOS please click here or click on the PCOS button on my sidebar.

My HUBBY: He has gained quite a bit more than 10 lbs (he orig. lost around 30-40 lbs) and wants to fit back into his jeans and get healthy again. I can't wait! I think my husband is very attractive but when he lost all that extra weight (and by no means is he "fat" now) he was extra extremely attractive (I know bad grammar)!

So if you are reading this please pray for us as we gain back control over our eating and bring our bodies back to being healthy.


runningtothecross said...

Hi Micki!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog to encourage me! I hope that you find a diet that works for you! Losing weight can be so difficult! And wow, dealing with PCOS...I know enough about that to know that you need prayer to deal with that too!

I am getting through this miscarriage...and with God's help will continue to be blessed by it! Right now I am just thankful to know...I just posted about it.

Have a great day in the LORD!