Jan 3, 2009

Our Spring Garden Plans

I'm really excited for our garden this year because I plan on doing some canning/preserving to save on the cost of groceries since I received a 24 qt pressure canner for Christmas. Do you have any tried and true simple old-fashioned canning recipes? I would be very interested since this is my first year canning.
Here is the plan for our garden this year. We have an idea of how big we want the garden so the below is guesstimating.
--2 lbs each of Red potatoes and Yukon potatoes (first time planting -any tips?)

--at least a row of Golden wax beans

--at least a row of purple pod beans

--at least a row of trofeo green beans

--2-3 plants of Broccoli (from seed for first time - any tips?)

--8-10 plants of Cucumbers--1 bulb of Garlic (first time planting - any tips?)

--at least a row of Onions (we think these are from seeds and notlittle bulbs - any tips?)

--2-3 plants of green peppers

--1-2 plants of jalepeno peppers

--6-8 heads of Cabbage (from seed for first time - any tips?)

--4-6 plants of zucchini

--4-6 plants of squash

--3-4 plants of Roma tomatoes

--3-4 plants of Golden rave tomatoes (anybody ever can these type? they look like Roma's but are yellow)


Haven't fully decided on:

--Mustard/Turnip/or Collard Greens

--Lettuce (thinking of Buttercrunch and some others)




We are also going to plant trees and berry bushes:

--2 Elderberry bushes - 1 York and 1 Nova (any advice on planting, growing, cultivating, and using elderberries? I am a firm believer in the medicinal value but also want to use it for everyday use.)

--1-2 blueberry bushes (semi-dwarf northland)

--2 McIntosh Apple trees

--2 Pixie Crunch apple trees

--2 Crisp-n-sweet pear trees



RawMommyto10 said...

Two summers ago we grew that many squash and zucchini plants and ended up not only fully supplying our own family's needs but also anyone we could convince to take them. lol We were getting SO many squash and zucchini daily it was just unbelievable and they just kept producing and producing and producing. We didn't plant any this last summer after that experience, although by mid summer we were missing them. I'm still finishing up our frozen shredded zucchini from that summer, though. Next summer I think I'll go with 2 summer squash and 2 zucchini plants.
Love, Dawn

Blessed With 4 said...

Oh your garden sounds wonderful! I pray that God blesses your garden and everything comes out good.
Have a blessed day.

Karen said...

I just rewarded your blog. Come by my blog to pick it up! :)

Love ya,


Sarah said...

Best of luck for your garden! If you're thinking of growing corn or sunflowers, the peas can grow up the stalks and you can save space. Or try the 'three sisters' companion planting - corn, squash and beans. Squash provide ground cover, beans provide nourishment and corn provide a way for beans to grow up. They all benefit each other.

You can preserve anything by canning. I would so love to have enough peas to can, but I never seem to have that much luck. I'll try again this year.

Keep us posted on how that garden grows!