Jan 3, 2009

Raising Chickens and Eggs for Sale?

We eat a lot of eggs (family of 5) and thought we might try raising some chickens. We live on about a half acre of land (has a big backyard).

We love the organic/free range eggs from the store but due to the way our backyard is laid out and some of the plans we are making for our backyard we are interested in knowing about chicken coops and the pros/cons of them vs. having the kind where your chickens "travel" in a cage on to separate spots in the yard (not sure what this is called).

We are planning on fencing in our backyard this spring and this will kinda limit the space of the chickens roaming (our garden will be outside of the fencing) so wondered if a chicken coop might be the better option. Nothing is written in stone yet as we are planning right now and that is where I need your help.

We also want to know anything we can about raising chickens. Like what chickens are the best to have (we really like brown and green eggs). Where do we get them, when to we get them, how many do we get, etc. Do you have any experience in this area or know of any information that would be helpful please leave me a post.



Carole@Fowl Visions said...

You are in for some fun and lots of good eating from the eggs. They are so much better than store bought.

Since you have a computer you have access to all kinds of information available for free. There are a variety of books and ebooks available also to help you get started but just search the web for breeds of chickens and you should come up with a list of sources.

I highly recommend Rhode Island Reds for their egg laying capabilities and very docile. Also the Buff Orpingtons are a good breed for eggs and friendliness, even in the rooster.

There are so many breeds and some are good for confinement and others are not, so I would do some research before choosing.