Mar 2, 2009

Friday - Home Management Schedule

Friday's To Do

LAUNDRY: All Bedding (Air Out/Febreeze Mattresses)

CLEAN: School Room & Office--Clean off tops of desks--Organize inside of desks--Straighten/Organize Bookshelves--Plan & Organize next weeks lessons

WEEK 1: Vacuum cobwebs in corners/rafters
WEEK 2: Clean Windows
WEEK 3: Organize desk drawers
WEEK 4: Organize art supplies, etc.
(WEEK 5: Sort, send, sell storage tub items)

PROJECT (15-30 minutes):
WEEK 1: Sort Toys
WEEK 2: Organize books, CD's, DVD's, videos, etc.
WEEK 3: Organize Hubby's office area
WEEK 4: ?
(WEEK 5: ?)