Jun 22, 2009

My To Do List Today (so far)

I have completed my entire list but have comments in Red today.

  • Make Breakfast - free range brown and green eggs with a 1/3 banana on the side
  • Soak whole wheat pastry flour in kefir for tomorrow's Spiced Zucchini Bread Muffins (harvested 5 zucchini's - 1 went to our Pastor for first-fruits and the other four will go into the muffin batter)
  • Soak Oatmeal for tomorrows breakfast (to be served with butter and honey) - this didn't turn out so appetizing. I tried it the Nourishin Traditions way but it just wasn't all that appealing for any of us. I will try something else next time.
  • Stir my Amish Bread Starter and find a new recipe using this - I found different recipes but just have to choose which ones I will try when my Nourishing Traditions Zucchini Bread is all eaten up.
  • Make Whole Wheat Sour Dough Bread Starter-I started this on Sunday so tonight will be day 3 to add to it. Next week I should be able to make some sourdough whole wheat bread. How exciting!
  • Check on my Kefir grains - I had to put my grains away when I went to CHEO but now I have a batch of kefir going in my brewing cabinet.
  • Check on my Kombucha (see my picture) - my Kombucha finished brewing this past Sunday (7 days it took to brew). Now it is fizzy and a little strong but it is good! I added some concentrated cherry and have drank anywhere from 2-4 oz these past couple of days. Great stuff. Oh yeah, I now have a "baby" scoby which is actually much bigger than the momma but it is neat to look at. My 5 year old thought it was neat also and starting cooing to it talking baby talk :-) Kids say the cutest things!
  • Make buttermilk - I put this in the brewing cabinet last night.
  • Add strawberry jam & honey to homemade yogurt cream cheese - did this but it went from thick to really thin so I had to strain it to thicken it back up. But now it is time to throw it out as it is getting old and not fresh anymore. Will plan on makking more this week.
  • Plan Lunches/Dinner for the rest of this week
  • Choose workshops to attend while at CHEO - this is SOOOO HARD! There are so many I want to go to and most of them are offered in the same hour as the other ones. So I have to narrow it down even further to the ones I REALLY want to go to and maybe purchase the CD of the other workshop that would be 2nd on my list. I can't go overboard with this or I won't have enough funds for other things at the vendor tables that I will need for school. *Sigh* what's a girl to do?-I attended so many GREAT workshops but then my best friend attended some that I didn't and I thought, OHHH I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THAT ONE! But all is well. I am encouraged and excited to know that it is going to be an exciting first year of homeschooling!
  • Pack for CHEO (I am so excited to go this year for the first time and I'm going with my best friend, Sherice. This will be the first time she and I have ever gone anywhere for ANY length of time more than a few hours to get together. We will be like school girls staying up late talking and catching up and talking about the conference, etc. Did I mention that I'm really excited about going to CHEO and going with my best friend? :-) - It was so much fun to go and reconnect with Sherice and meet some of the other ladies from my new co-op. I truly had a lot of fun but just wished our hotel was closer to the other ladies so we could have visited longer. I am excited to meet more ladies and get to know them as well!
  • Make list for hubby to pick up groceries at Sam's-I did this but hubby will have to get the items this week for me.
  • Wash/Fold/Put away clothes-well this is done for last week but now it is time to do this weeks. **Sigh**
  • Take kids outside to play in pool while I hang laundry up on the line-I will be doing this again this week but later in the week as it is supposed to rain today.
  • Research how to kill cabbage worms organically-we ended up getting diatomaceous earth at a recommendation from Lowes but it is NOT helping! Gotta find something else now as hubby is getting frustrated and wants to just get seven dust *POISON* to put on it! No way! Gotta find something that works and won't harm us in the long run!
  • Order library DVD for Family Fun Night-they ended up going to Mamaw's and Papaw's to watch Wall-E
  • A whole bunch of other stuff that I will find to do in between stuff
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