Jul 25, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Discount

How would you like to sign up for an AWESOME magazine, "The Old Schoolhouse Magazine" designed for homeschoolers but can be used by anyone due to its awesome content on Christian subjects and fabulous articles!

By using my special code, authorized by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, you can get a 2 year subcription (whether you are new or renewing) for $5 off. PLUS to the first 5,000 that subscribe they are giving away $400 in FREE gifts but you have to hurry as they have already had a little over 1,000 sign up already.

Now you may be wondering why I'm "advertising" this, huh? Well if 12 subscriptions are ordered using my code then I will be given a FREE one year subscription to the magazine. Now I will tell you that I had this magazine before and I LOVE IT! Please Order Here

So to get your subscription please go here and make sure to use code: MRSGL5OFF when you check out to get your discount and so that I get credit! Please Order Here
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