Jan 9, 2010

Can I Offer You a Cup of Hot Cocoa?

This is what it is like outside today, 17 degrees but it feels like 6 with the wind chill.  Brrr, Cold.  I took these photos with the door slightly cracked and I was chilled immediately.

It looks so pristine.  The beautiful sunshine reflecting off the snow shows a beautiful diamond-like shimmer.

This is what Frosty looked when we first made him 9 days ago.

This is what Frosty looks like today.

Well I'm making Homemade Sugar-Free Hot Cocoa with my beloved Cocomotion by Mr. Coffee.  I found this at Goodwill shortly before last winter and it was a wonderful investment for only $3.99 and in the stores it retails for $15-20.  Last Winter and this Winter we used it almost everyday (my children love either chocolate milk in the Spring/Summer or Hot Cocoa in the Fall/Winter). 

Even though I can not have this because of the sugar in the candy cane I thought I would make you a delicious cup of hot cocoa with a peppermint stick and some ever yummy dollop of whipped cream.  So as promised here you go.

(photo from grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.com)