Jan 7, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Right now we have snow continuosly falling and it looks beautiful. It reminds me of how much God loves us and sends us beautiful things to remind us of His wonderous power and forgiving grace. I am so glad He sent Jesus for my sins. I am soo happy that I have been forgiven and washed clean by the crimson blood He shed on Calvary. I once was dark and dingy but now I'm clean and white as snow. Thank you Jesus!
So in honor of the beauty of His wonder on New Years Day we went out in the wet falling snow and made this snowman. Here are the pics of the kids in birth order. We had a lot of fun (even though I did not help I just took the pics :-). We are supposed to get about 3-4" of snow today and it won't taper off until this evening. -- So grab a cup of hot cocoa and cuddle up in front of the fire with the kiddos read a book or two and have a blessed day.
I know I will.
Roo Roo

My My
Kay Kay

Dada and Roo Roo

The had sooo much fun!