Feb 13, 2010

Free Resources

I have found over the course of several years many great sites that have given me FREE resources to use in Homeschool.  I was going to send a personal email to Debra as she is beginning her journey in homeschooling but I thought maybe there are others out there in blogland that might benefit from this posting as well.  So I have included a list with links that is not complete by any means but it could get you started.  I also LOVE to find resources I do NOT know about and would love to hear your comments directing me to their site and then I can post it here (or maybe I'll start a favorite links list).  Disclaimer:  A lot of these sites I'm familiar with and are Christian friendly but others may not be.  I have NOT reviewed nor visited every single site and every single link so please use caution when visiting.

Before I go any further would anyone know of links to sites with FREE printables that would give me info on things underground like tunnels/pipes/rocks/dinosaurs/basements/structure-foundation of buildings/etc.  Basically things underground.

Without further ado here ya go!
HomeSchoolFreebie - Monday thru Friday free stuff but you do have to sign up for it and it usually only last one freebie per day but they are GREAT freebies and this is where I have gotten most of my resources from.  Not just printables but entire unit studies/books/mp3's/etc.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!
CurrClick  - they are adding free stuffl all the time
Practical Pages - this is a new one I found today thru Homes
Make Learning Fun - great for Pre-K and Kindy (even up to 1st)
Dynamic 2 Moms - Unit Studies/Lapbooking/Notebooking
Handbook of Nature Study
Homeschool 101 - MP3's downloadable podcasts for helping mama get prepared or help while homeschooling (lots to listen too)
Homeschool dot com - this direct link takes you to their links of TONS of free curriculum (looks like unit studies) - I am so liking this as I just found this today (I knew aobut the Homeschool 101 but just never went further)
Homefires - Free Daily Curriculum Tips/Tidbits/Ideas
A to Z Teacher Stuff - Great site!
Danielles Place - Crafts and Activities
ChildFun Family Website

Free Coloring Pages:

There will be more resources to come but I have to retrieve them from my other laptop.  So be sure to stay tuned to the blog or my facebook page (where it will automatically come up when I post).  Until then I pray blessings upon you and your family.


Debra said...

Micki, here is one I found on my searching and it has a lot of things for all grade levels....check it out!