Feb 8, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my Window … it looks beautiful with the sun shining.  Hard to tell that there will be LOTS of snow coming soon.!

I am thinking …that I need to get to work on church stuff.

I am thankful for… my two warm woodstoves and my nice schoolroom/office

From the kitchen … going to make Curry Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and homemade Turnip Greens

From the learning rooms … all is quiet at the moment as the littles are watching Miss Spider Sunny Patch with Nana and Popie

I am wearing … a teal long sleeve T-shirt and my flowing to my ankles blue layered gauze skirt (very comfy)

I am reading … Facebook

I am hoping …to get rid of this cold I have in my head soon.

I am hearing … the sound of my mom sewing in the family room.

I am creating … worksheets/printables for co-teaching the Kindy class when we start co-op next Monday (things underground and insects/arachnids/scorpions, eeww! LOL)

Around the house … I see things that need to be swept/mopped, organized put away.
One of my favorite things … feeling like I accomplished something so I need to get back to work!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ….wait out the storm coming, make it to the store later this week to get a present for a baby shower on Saturday and a birthday present for next Saturday.  

How about a picture … A picture of me and my mother-in-law who passed away several years ago.  I wish my children could know her in person.

(I no longer wear sleeveless like this but it is my wedding dress and I'm not "doctoring" the photo, *smile*)