Apr 15, 2010

FACEBOOK Trojan Virus

Well I had to be on a hiatus for a time due to a malicious Trojan virus that completely attacked my computer and wiped out everything!  It came in a back door and completely went around my Anti-Virus Software (it did not even detect it).  Thank you Jesus for my Pastor telling me to subscribe to www.Carbonite.com which I did months ago!  It was the best $54.95 I ever spent (this is for one year).  I was able to retrieve ALL of my documents, etc. and now I am almost 100% up and running.  It cost me $112 to get my computer fixed but I know now not to trust everything I see on FACEBOOK as this is where my Trojan Virus came from!  I just say everyone BEWARE of what you download and who you accept as friends as I'm still not sure where it came from but I do have my suspicions for a possibility of a couple of potential spots.

Well anywhoo-I'm back up and running thanks to a reputable Nationwide company that fixes sick computers like mine.  I will be more careful next time.  Well on and I wanted to post in a bit on Composting but first I'm going to post some pics of our humble garden.

Stay tuned!