Apr 15, 2010

How does your garden grow?

We have been busy busy busy on our modest homestead these past couple of weeks.  While my computer was down I took time to actually work, LOL!  We worked on things around the house and in our yard and garden.  Here are some picks that I hope you enjoy.

Here is my fabulous Hubby starting to till up the garden.

Here is a long view of Hubby tilling the garden.

Here are the little's watching Daddy from a safe distance

Surprise!  The tulips I thought I got the year before last I guess I missed a few little ones as they have poked thru the ground and made themselves known.  Oh well their glory was short lived because hubby kept right on tilling.
Look at that beautiful dirt!  The contrast between the rich, dark, fertile tilled up dirt compared to the dried out weed infested woodstove ash covered ground.  It is such a beautiful sight to behold!

Here is a closer view of my fantastic Hubby and our monster of a tiller (I can not control this thing, it is like a Great Dane - it takes me for a walk, not the other way around!)
Here is a view my 5 year old had when she took the photo of Daddy - I think she did a pretty good job.

My daughters love to play with Earthworms any chance they get and boy did they with the newly tilled garden.

Well that is all for the pre-planting pics.  Hope you enjoyed it, we sure did!