Jul 14, 2011

Our Vacation Journal Days 1 & 2

We left for a two day journey South, a total of 1,000 miles.  I planned tons of activities and toys along the way but low and behold due to the events preceding the trip I completely forgot to pack them away.  I had some fun things to give them and told them about but now they will have to just wait until another special occasion.  Maybe I could use them as rewards for doing well during school time or for an "allowance" for doing chores well done.  We'll see!

Well anywhoo-on to why I'm blogging again.  I just have had no time to blog in the past and I'm pretty sure no one really reads this blog so I guess this will be more for me and my family and friends and of course myself for memories later on.  I'm going to send out an email to let them know if they want to follow us on our journey they are welcome to. 

We started out on a Friday and about 8 hours (or was it 9 - we were VERY tired!) later we stopped in Memphis. Here is our journey until that point.

 Just a pic of a sign on our way.
 Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville I think?
Girls being very good - I mean it was a very long trip and they hardly complained at all.
 The children watching one of many shows I packed for the trip.
Memphis hotel very chlorinated pool but the kids loved it!

The only pic I could get of Memphis.  I wasn't prepared to take a pic so this is it!

When we left Memphis we were just a hop, skip, and jump away from Arkansas.  Here is what we saw next.
Crossing the Mississippi River 

Mississippi out my Hubby's window

Crossing into Arkansas from Tennessee
By the looks of this as we passed it seems to be a city/county storage area where they store the rock salt for the sanding of the Arkansas roads in the winter. Not something you would expect to see in Arkansas or for the storing of city stuff.
Amyah posing for the camera

 My handsome Hubby!
 My rambunctious son was quite calm and relaxed the entire trip and even took a nap.  I was very proud of him for having such self-control.
 Makahla would be in the picture but you can see just the top of her arm as she fell asleep (Amyah had just woken up *smile*)
 We didn't go to Texarkana but I thought it would be neat to take this pic.

We stopped at a rest stop to eat lunch. It was super hot but we found this spot that was under a grove of trees and was actually quite cool. We didn't stay long, just long enough to stretch and eat lunch. We had Chance run from tree to tree to work out the wiggles and then off we went again. 

We have arrived!  Texas gave us a very "warm" welcome!  I haven't experience weather this hot since I live down here 14+ years ago.  Takes a bit of getting used to but there is a breeze that blows off the pool water when your in the shade (but that is for another post).