Mar 26, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Here's an update to our garden:
We have already received our seeds and have started them. We now have some nice plants going and will be able to plant them in a couple of weeks when the threat of frost is over with.

To see what our Spring Garden Plan is please go here

We ended up not ordering broccoli but did end up ordering a few extra things.

Here is what else we will be planting:
  1. Garlic (1 bulb to make many little plants)
  2. Strawberries -- one of those round 2 tiered strawberry plant things with the sprinkler in the middle (from Comes with 50 ozark beauties (can't wait to make strawberry jam-pies-bread-short cake, etc.)
  3. Rhubarb (to go with the strawberries)
  4. 2 Elderberry bushes
  5. 4 Apple trees (2 of Pixie Crunch and 2 of Apple Goldrush)
  6. Blueberry bush (great for pies, pancakes, muffins, etc. and rich in Anti-oxidants!)

All of the above are either waiting to be shipped or are in transit as we speak. We have determined where our Elderberry bushes and trees are going to go but the blueberry, Rhubarb, and strawberries are still a mystery but we will figure it out.

If you are planning a garden please leave me a comment with your link and I will post them for others to see.




Noel said...

We are needing to get our garden started. Did you order from an online company?? We usually go with local feed stores. How did you do cost wise??